The PSCSW Awards for Clinical Excellence


Student Awards Program is Accepting Papers!

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  The PSCSW Awards for Clinical Excellence were established by the Pennsylvania Society for Clinical Social Work to acknowledge the outstanding clinical work of students. The Awards are presented annually to students who submit a paper for review by distinguished judges. The program is open to all graduating Masters of Social Work students in Pennsylvania.  The Awards program is dedicated to four distinguished PSCSW leaders who have provided inspiration for future clinicians: Patricia Burland, Mary Montague, Judith Kasser, and Anna Wiggins. The Awards are given to students who demonstrate in their case study the following abilities:

1. to integrate theories of human behavior with practice in clinical social work;
2. to explore clients' problems within a bio-psycho-social context and formulate an assessment;
3. to guide practice interventions systematically, based on theoretical understandings that emerge from the assessment;
4. to understand the meaning of the clinical use of the social work relationship including the use of self;
5. to critique one's work and recognize the need for consultation;
6. to use the literature as an appropriate resource;
7. to reflect on the process of clinical social work intervention

  A first prize award for Clinical Excellence will be awarded in the amount of $500.00. A second prize award will be awarded in the amount of $300.00. A third prize will be awarded in the amount of $200.00.  The winners will also receive free membership in PSCSW for a year following graduation.

 All winners will be honored at the PSCSW Annual Dinner, which occurs in late fall. The dinner will be held in the greater Philadelphia area. The professors and supervisors of the award winners will be invited as guests to the dinner. Winners must be present to receive their award as the ceremony will celebrate their achievement.

  The awards convey significant recognition upon the recipients within the professional social work community. PSCSW encourages all students to submit clinical papers for consideration.

Deadline for Paper Submission - April 13, 2015

 For additional questions please contact Joan Pollak.